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    One of the many small towns that dot the valleys and hill tops of Abruzzo. With populations ranging from 400 to 2000, each of these villages are unique and offer local color that justify a visit. Some will have a single Central Bar where the town congregates daily, others will have a couple cafes or pizza places and possible a small hotel and some B&B's. Ovindoli is also a mountaintop ski center for the region. In the heart of the Abruzzo ski area, there are 4 or 5 very respectable ski areas. Spring skiing in Abruzzo is particularly enjoyable, as you typically ski until lunchtime when things get soft, and after a "only in Italy " lunch, you have the better part of the day for checking out the local sites, heading to the beach for some fresh seafood, or poping into Rome for a night in the city.
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    A picture perfect place for a spring ski trip


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    Ovindoli became known as a downhill skiing destination following the First World War, but it was not until 1959 that the mountain organized as a modern ski resort; at the time, it was called Valturvema. During the 1961-62 season, ski lifts began to operate and the trails were expanded.

    Charles Rogers, an American working at that time in the US Embassy in Rome served as President of the Society that worked to develop the area as a ski resort and oversaw the expansion activities. In 1994, the ski resort changed management and was named Monte Magnola and modernized with new trails, ski lifts and snow making capabilities.

    Easy to reach, this town is also close to Campo Felice, my favorite ski area in Abruzzo.

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